One Born Every Minute

My wife often watches a programme about child birth – One Born Every Minute. I used to find it boring, but it’s a great way to get an insight in to what happens on the magical day.

If you can look past the drama of the people on the show, you can get a great look in to what to expect.

  • Waters breaking
  • Being dilated
  • Complications
  • Epidural
  • C section (They actually show women being cut open)
  • Even what babies look like as thy have just entered the world. There is more gunk and blood than I expected.
  • Loads more…

Well worth a watch:

One Born Every Minute – 4OD


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2 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute

  1. I watched this religiously when I was pregnant without a worry, people told me you shouldn’t watch that you will scare the hell out of yourself! I didn’t believe this until I was about 35 weeks pregnant. The closer the big day got, the less I could watch it. I do agree though that it is great for some insight into things that may happen. The only difference is that here in Australia the system is very different in how the midwives go about getting you through labour and delivery.
    All the best with rest of the pregnancy!! 🙂

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  2. I avoided this show like the plague when I was pregnant. I was already scared of the whole delivery process, and thought that this would only make it worse lol. All in all delivery went well (didn’t have my water birth as planned, instead had a normal V one). Good luck preparing for the big day!

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