Poem: Waiting For You

I know this blog was suppose to be about the trial and tribulations of becoming a dad for the first time, however I have deviated slightly and written a poem for my baby as I was waiting for a delayed train.

Not sure she will ever get chance to read it as it will be long gone in the archives of the internet by the time she is old enough to understand it.

We thought it would take a while,

And I prepared every month for a wry smile,

Who knew it’d be so quick,

Oh my god it was quick,

I began to worry your mummy would get grumpy, 

As she thought she would get frumpy,

But she rarely gets in a huff, 

Even though she’s up the duff,

Probably because she’s so bloody tough,

Looking back now… I thought you would be boy, 

And there is certainly no less joy, 

But wow, a girl…

I better learn how to comb, what will surely be beautiful long hair,

So I can save us all a lot of despair,

We’re only at 25 weeks 

I’m already worried your nappies will wreak, 

Never mind me,

What about the mummy to be, 

She is doing so well,

As her belly begins to swell,

I know she talks to you all day,

And she definitely looks forward to you when you kick and play,

When you finally come out,

In life we’ll try and limit how often we shout,

I’m pretty sure we’ll make mistakes,

However I’m sure we have what it takes,

We want to be good parents,

However I will embarrass you with my jokes,

And when you get older I’ll want fend away any approaching those blokes,

Anyway, my buba boo,

We can’t wait to meet you.


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