The Cost Of A Newborn Baby

It dawned on me that Rambo will be on maternity leave (as we self employed there will be no maternity/paternity pay) for a while and the responsibility will be on me solely to provide for the family. I could probably write a blog post about how much this scares me, but I’ll save that for another day. Instead I’ll put my analytical hat on and try and do some financial planning.

The first task is to try and work out what the essentials for a new born are and what are those things that are either nice to haves or can wait a little time before being purchased. The second task would be to put a rough price next to each item. (For pricing options I have taken the lowest price for each item off the John Lewis website):

John Lewis Nursery Checklist

NEW BORN COST: £986 / $1490

Sleeping (£484 /$730)

Moses Basket: £35 – See More

Moses Basket Mattress: £10 See More

Moses Basket Sheet: £10 See More

Cot: £379 – See More

Cot Mattress: £25 – See More

Cot Sheets: £12 – See More

Swaddling Blanket: £9 – See More

Room Thermometer & Night Light: £4 – See More

Bathing & Changing (£65 / $98)

Baby Bath: £9 – See More

Bath Thermometer: £4 – See More

Baby Sponge: £1 – See More

Bath Towels: £12 – See More

Changing Mat: £5 – See More

Baby Wipes: £3 – See More

Muslin Squares: £13 – See More

Baby Grooming: £12 – See More

Pack Of Dummies: £6 – See More

Nappies: £10 – See More

Breast Feeding (£49 / $74)

Sexy Nursing Bras: £25 – See More

Breast Pads: £4.50 – See More

Nipple Cream: £10 – See More

Nipple Protectors: £9 – See More

Travel (£338 / $510)

Car Seat: £125 – See More

Pushchair: £200 – See More

Changing Bag: £13 – See More

Clothes (£50 / $75)

Body Suit: £5 – See More

Sleep Suits: £10 – See More

Snow Suit: £28 – See More

Mitts: £4 – See More

Socks: £3 – See More


What have I missed?


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6 thoughts on “The Cost Of A Newborn Baby

  1. I found that coconut oil works better than nipple cream and is cheaper too! A breastfeeding pillow is a lifesaver too, especially until you get those muscles toned up. A regular pillow suffices if you are on a budget.

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  2. I agree that a moses basket is not necessary. Really the baby needs a safe place to sleep, some clothes (but nor too many newborn size because they grow quite quickly), I would get a breast pump just in case you run into nursing issuesb (my first did not latch for two days after birth), and large blankets for swaddling. I use Jack Newman’s Nipple ointment (must be prescribed) as it has a lot of helpful stuff in it to sooth sore and cracked nipples.

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    1. Thanks for the advice. The greasy pumps have been a talking point on our house as everyone has a different opinion on whether you need one straight away, but as you say we may need to have it to hand if latching on is an issue.


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