In The Womb – Did You Know…

Some friends came round earlier and I found myself sharing stories about my baby and all the amazing things she can do. Bare in mind, she isn’t born yet, but hell, I’m already proud of all the jiggles and wriggles.

God help you all when she takes her first step! I may well take out a full page in the local paper to let everyone know how amazing she is.

We’re currently 30 weeks pregnant and I love interacting with my baby. Yes, that’s right, interacting with my baby! I found that if talk to Rambo’s belly and push gently in places, baby Rambo pushes back. I imagine she is playing and smiling in there, where as in reality she is probably saying, “oh god, not him again. He keeps pushing on my head. Rambo, tell him to get lost or I’ll sit on your bladder so you have to run to the toilet”….


All this pensive reflection has got me thinking abut the interesting things I have learnt about a babies development in the womb.

Did you know @:

Week 6 – the baby begins forming genitals

Week 10 – the embryo is now called a fetus (the offspring now has fully formed organs – liver, kidneys, intestines, brain and lungs)

Week 12 – the baby will squirm if you press/prod the belly

Week 13 – if you are having a girl, she will have approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries. This is the most she will ever have and it will only decrease from here on in!

Week 15 – The babies genitals are developed enough to see on a scan.

Week 16 – The baby may play with it’s umbilical cord. Babies often pull or grab on it.


Week 19 – Mothers to be may start feeling the babies movement


Week 22 – The first signs of your babies teeth start to form in her gum lines


Week 23 – The babies hearing is starting to form. They say she may be able to differentiate between different sounds and will be used to sounds she heard in the womb when she comes out of it.

Good! I’m glad someone can stand the sound of Rambo moaning!

Week 25 – if you shine a light on your wife’s belly the baby will turn and look at it as her senses are becoming finely tuned.

Week 27 – she has now begun to form patterns of sleep and movement. Some experts say she may even be able to dream at this stage.

Week 28 – She weighs 1kg. From here she will start to pile on the weight



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5 thoughts on “In The Womb – Did You Know…

  1. Hey! So glad you are so excited. My bundle of joy decided to arrive early (38 weeks gestation). She’s not classified as premature once your past 37 weeks I think.

    My next post I think will be a list of things not to do or say during labour lol.

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