10 Gifts NOT To Buy A Pregnant Woman

With Christmas having just passed and Rambo being so heavily pregnant (30 Weeks), I had to think carefully about what to buy her. Certain items were off limits, although I’d love to have seen Rambo’s reaction to these gifts:

Gym membership

With all the lack of energy and flexibility, Rambo would love nothing more than to put on some spandex and hit the gym with her new membership.

High Heels

With the extra baby weight and swollen feet, I’d love to see Rambo in high heels and I’m sure she’s enjoy trying to balance in them.

Baby Clothes

I’m sure baby clothes will make her feel special and no longer like a ‘birthing cow’.

Maternity Clothes

As Rambo is feeling so attractive, clothes that extenuate her beautiful baby curves would be a great idea.


Rambo can regularly check her gained baby weight. I know it’s important to keep on top of these things and she should have a constant reminder.

Ice Cream

I’d feel like a drug enabler if I supply the ice cream, but Rambo loves It at the moment (and hates herself for eating it).

Sexy Underwear

She feels so sexy at the moment that a skimpy set of lace knickers is just what she’s want to wear right?


OK, so she cant eat it, but I can! Rambo can watch me chew each mouthful and vicariously eat through me.

Book about ‘Pelvic Floor Muscles’

Having a strong pelvic floor muscles is important and a reminder about what birth will do to a woman’s body can only be a bonus. A book about this is something Rambo will love right?

Have you been bought any gifts while pregnant that were odd or inappropriate?



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14 thoughts on “10 Gifts NOT To Buy A Pregnant Woman

  1. My pregnant friend recorded a bottle of rum and a bottle of gin for Christmas… At least they’ll keep I suppose! I was lucky and all my gifts were very appropriate – including skin firming cream, non-alcoholic mulled wine and baby bath stuff!

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      1. I know a few women who kept running until the 6th or 7th month of their pregnancy. But if she’s having trouble just walking, I wouldn’t recommend it. 🙂


  2. Surely gym membership and scales should go on the list of things never to buy ANY woman! My husband learnt the hard way that a workout dvd is not an acceptable Christmas gift when you’ve just had a baby….

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