Baby Boutiques You Should Know About

Our daughter is due in less than a months time and so far the small amount of clothes we have for her have been bought solely by Rambo. I’ve resisted the temptation to buy baby Rambo or Rambini as she will be known from here, any items of clothing. Not that I enjoy shopping or in fact frequent shops very often, but the tightening of my wallet is mainly through fear I’d get it badly wrong and of course that I’ll make a hideous fashion faux pas.

My lack of understanding around female fashion trends will probably not be a surprise to those around me. However having a daughter means I need to get with the program. One step at a time though… dress my daughter correctly first and then I’ll learn how to plait hair.

Google Search: Boutique Baby Clothes

I have scoured the Internet high and low for baby clothes and fashion trends over this last month. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try my hand at fashion journalism. 

You won’t be surprise to find that I’m not a fan of big corporate retail chains or mass manufactured products. I’m more a fan of the independent retailer. ‘Stick it to the man‘ and all that.

So the fruits of my labour…..

Here’s the ‘Top 5’ sites I found online for baby clothes, most of which are handmade and certainly unique.

Monty and Maude

Lottie & Lysh


Bye Bye Birdie

Seamingly Possible

This is Lullaby


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