Matalan’s £25 Mother’s Day Hamper Challenge

Matalan have put First Time Dad to the test & challenged me to create the perfect bundle of gifts for Rambo, but all have to be to the value of £25!

Firstly, I wanted to thank Matalan as I almost forgot about Mother’s Day. I guess now Rambini has arrived, Rambo will be expecting a treat from her daughter. Unfortunately, all Rambini can currently offer is vomit, poo and sleepless nights…. so it really falls on me to sort out the gifts to make the day feel special.

Here’s my £25 bundle:

Bandana Bibs – Click Here

Alphabet Mug – Click Here

Pyjama Bottoms – Click Here

Scented Candle – Click Here

Cute Sleep Suit – Click Here

Photo Frame – Click Here

Do you think Rambo will be happy with this? Do you think you could do better? 



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