Baby Brain – Myth or Reality?

Many articles published recently claim that the ‘baby brain’ is nothing more than a myth and in fact women become smarter during pregnancy.

I’m not questioning the science in any way shape or form, but putting the research and studies aside, I find we are shaped by our own subjective experiences.

Personally, I find it very plausible that pregnant women may exhibit unusual characteristics. Spiking hormones and tiredness alone, in any person, pregnant or not, would certainly lead to an adverse effect on behaviour. You don’t have to be a scientist to work that out!

Now armed with the awareness of the infamous ‘Baby Brain‘, I resist the temptation to call the ‘X Files’ team to investigate my wife’s (Rambo) escalating strange behaviour.

Future dads beware! If you partner exhibits any of following signs, don’t panic and for gods sake, certainly don’t point out or question what you see or hear. The last few months of pregnancy can be very difficult…. stay quiet and supportive at all times.


We needed a few bits for dinner so I picked up the car keys from the normal spot and headed out the door. As I stepped out a few feet, I noticed the car wasn’t on the drive.

Me: “Rambo, where’s the car sweetheart”

Rambo: “Duh, on the drive!”

Panic set in. The car wasn’t there so I searched my pockets, found my phone and began dialling the police to report our car stolen. Just as the voice at the end of the line said “What emergency please?” I noticed a car similar to ours parked on the driveway a few doors down. Hang on, was it our car? Yes! What the hell was it doing over there!

It turns out Rambo had forgotten where we lived.


On the motorway heading up north to visit my Mum, we came across some horrendous standstill traffic. Against our better judgement we came off at the next junction in an attempt to take a smaller road through the country which hopefully had free flowing traffic.

Unfortunately we got a little lost as we veered of the beaten track. So I sucked up my macho pride and asked Rambo to type in my Mums’ address into the car navigation system. With the new route set, I began following the on board instructions. About an hour later I noticed we were dangerously close to our house and original starting point. Rambo had keyed in our home address and not my Mums.

At least Rambo now remembered where we lived.


We were sat watching TV having a nice relaxed evening on the sofa when Rambo’s commanding voice yelled:

“Am I getting this ice cream or not?”

The Baby Wants Ice Cream (I Have Lost Count How Many Times I Have Heard This)
The Baby Wants Ice Cream (I Have Lost Count How Many Times I Have Heard This)

Seeing as there had been no mention of ice cream and in fact there had been very little conversation for quite some time as we were so engrossed in ‘Breaking Bad’, I was a little surprised (and scared) at the outburst.

Rambo didn’t realise she requested ice cream in her own thoughts only and subsequently thought that I was ignoring her pregnant right for ice cream on demand.


I had a very upset Rambo (stark contract from the ice cream demanding Rambo of old) when I came home from work recently. The midwife had tried giving Rambo a telling off because she had forgotten about a scheduled appointment.

Rambo had failed to realise which day it was when she checked her diary.

The Stare

Rambo often walks in to a room, looks me dead in the eye and takes a breathe ready to unravel a series of intricate questions…. only to the look blankly at me because she has forgotten what she came in to ask. She then huffs and walks back out. All without saying a word.

The Stare - A Look That I Have Begun To Fear
The Stare – A Look That I Have Begun To Fear

Have you had any interesting or funny moments due to pregnancy? What’s your view on the ‘baby brain’?


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4 thoughts on “Baby Brain – Myth or Reality?

  1. My favorite “pregnant brain” of my wife’s I like to tell involves a granola bar. I had parked the car on the opposite side of the parking lot of the YMCA (where she was working and I was going to play racquetball). We cross the lot and get to the building and she says, “I forgot my granola bar”. I knew this was a vital snack for a pregnant woman so I dutifully crossed the lot to get said granola from the car. Upon searching, I found nothing and look back across the lot to her when she yells, “Nevermind, it was in my other hand!”

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