Easter Outfit Ideas For Babies

Since Mini Rambo has been born I haven’t really been involved in deciding what to dress her in. I tend to pick the first clean thing I see, as there is little point in my eyes over thinking whether her pants co-ordinate with her top… especially seeing as she tends to vomit so often.

Other than the baby grow I brought Mini Rambo home in, I’m not sure I have purchased a single item of clothing for her. That being said, it’s probably a good thing, I’m not quite as in touch with the latest fashion trends as I’d like. However, we have an Easter party coming up next weekend and I have been granted permission to dress Mini Rambo. It’s a probational occasion for me, if this goes well, I may be allowed to dress the baby again 🙂

As Rambo loves Disney & Alice In Wonderland, I went with something from the Mamas & Papas Alice In Wonderland range.

Alice In Wonderland Picture That Hangs In Our Hallway
Proof of Rambo’s love for Alice In Wonderland: This Picture That Hangs In Our Hallway


Baby Clothing

Easter Outfit 4
My favourite outfit


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