Pregnancy Yoga, DO IT.

STRETCHING FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT! I always felt 100% better at the yoga studio than sitting on my couch. I can’t speak for every yoga studio, but mine has a very good energy. People are positive and happy and chatty. Every one all jacked up on endorphins and encouraging each other. There is a woman at the studio who founded A Calmer Choice. Who’s mission statement is as follows: Calmer Choice is a universal prevention program committed to teaching young people how to effectively and safely manage stress and resolve conflict so that they live happy, healthy and successful lives. Our goal is to provide skills that will diminish the risk of violence, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors.

Umm.. That’s amazing! I’m genuinely annoyed that I have to go to the grocery store later today. How lazy am I? She’s out making the world a better place. Inspiring stuff for sure.

So being around that level of awesome human being is always beneficial. Therefore, the yoga studio became my happy place during my first pregnancy. A place to chat. A place to be silent.A place to slow down. To stop the glorification of busy.

Stretching feels so good when you are pregnant! Your body actually becomes more flexible while preparing for child birth. That’s a scientific fact! Obviously, talk to your doctor when starting any new work out plan. While stretching, if it hurts then stop. Be kind to yourself.

Now thanks to a very smart yoga teacher. I have a bunch of pictures taken when I was roughly 37 weeks pregnant with Ben.

Ideally, you would go to a yoga studio and work out with a certified teacher. But if you’ve got other kids napping upstairs and that’s not a possibility, here are some pregnancy stretches that will make you say… OHHHHH YAHHHH…….

Triangle, I hate you. Which means I need you the most.


Look at that big old 10 lb baby.
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe


Pregnancy savasana you are my best friend
Hurts so good


Have you bent backwards today? Always forward bending. Picking up kids. Picking up legos. Forward forward forward. Make sure you bend backwards every day.




I got two metal rods in my spine and a 10lb on my abdomen. What’s your excuse?

Britt is a Beach bum, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Wanna be Photographer, Special needs advocate, Library enthusiast, Yogi, Mom blogger.

Britt lives in a barn on Cape Cod with her husband, two toddlers, and stinky black lab. You can read more of her adventures at You’re Somebody’s MOTHER.

Or if you have a short attention span, follow her on Instagram @somebodys_mother


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