Don’t move… Improve!

Shortly after Rambini arrived it became apparent just how small our home really is. For two relatively minimalist people, Choco and I had prepared ourselves and kept space (or the lack of it)  in  mind when buying baby products. After all the house had been purchased in anticipation of children over the one bedroom flat we had occupied before. What we hadn’t really anticipated was just how much stuff a little person would need, not to mention the constant flow of washing and subsequently a constant erected clothes air dryer.  All of a sudden our clutter free minimalistic two up two down, resembled that of a child’s soft play area  and launderette with obstacles and apparatus everywhere. We wanted more space.

Don’t move… Improve!

After exploring the property market we quickly concluded that moving house with me on maternity leave and a new born baby was not an option. For the equivalent cost of an estate agent, solicitor and stamp duty we could add space and value without the hassle of moving Our only real and viable option was to improve on our existing property to gain more space and as the song goes, “the only way is up”, well for us anyway. A loft conversion would not only add space but also value to our property.

My loft conversion inspiration 

I visited building inspiration @ to get my loft conversion inspiration.

My favourite inspirations:

I particularly like the idea of the additional space being used as a bedroom and would definitely consider an en suit or built in wardrobe to maximise the space (budget permitting).

As a fan of light I would opt for windows on the southerly side to allow for all day light and maybe line them up with the sleeping area so the sky and stars can  be viewed from bed. The additional space would then free up our existing bedroom and allow for potentially another child in this house, as well as give us a separate child free space in the loft.

I was particularly inspired by the space saving ideas and split levels in the following video.:

Check out the video here

The draw bed could also provide shoe or toy storage in a bedroom setting or be an additional bed in a child’s room where children share a room. The multi functional room idea is ideal for people looking to maximise what little space they have.

The only thing left to do is decide on where I want the bed to go!

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