A Challenge For You

Stop thinking you are going to change your  entire life tomorrow. You aren’t. You can’t just wake up one day and have great portion control, clearer skin, better sleep patterns, and closer relationships. That’s not how life works.

It’s small steps that add up. Changing your habits can be very hard! The good news is that it’s also very possible. Instead of a full makeover of your life, that sets you up for failure, why don’t we try just having one good day? Why don’t you decide tomorrow you are going to be nice to yourself. For tomorrow you will practice kindness to yourself by doing all these small healthy habits.

Here is your challenge:
Can you do all these things on my list in one day?
These are my favorite tiny habits that your body appreciates.

Don’t be skeptical, just dive in! You will have a good day! I promise. Well, at the very least you will be more pleasant to be around for other people’s sake!

Here goes:

Wake up

Drink 1 glass of warm water with lemon in it before you put anything else in your body.

Stretch for 10 minutes.

Eat your largest meal of the day first. This morning I cracked 3 eggs into a pan. Added some chicken, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Sprinkled on a little pepper. Tossed that shit together and have another glass of water with breakfast. Whatever you have for breakfast, make sure you have protein. Then more protein.

Take a multivitamin. Unless you are the best at eating. Then just pat yourself on the back and move forward. If it’s winter in New England, take some extra vitamin D as well.  For all our sakes.

Work out for 30 minutes that day.

Walking, running, dancing, at home work out video, ice skating rink, ride a bike, go to yoga, play basketball, swim, row a boat, rake your yard, skip with your kid.
When people say they hate exercise. I tend to think that’s a silly statement. I think they may have given up too soon. In that case, I feel sad for their body.

Now I do understand a statement more like, “I don’t enjoy playing team sports.” Okay, so you don’t get all fired up by competition. You have no desire to have someone run into you. I can wrap my head around that. Every body’s different.

It makes more sense to me that people don’t like a particular type of exercise. Hating “exercise” in general is just a sad statement. I feel like it’s important for people to find the right exercise for them. There are 500 million ways you can work out. Because in the end, your body needs to move. Unless you want to feel like crap. If that’s the case, then disregard this step.

For me, I like to swim and dance.

Just figure out what works for you.

Hug somebody.

Snuggle your kids. Show your spouse affection. Hug your Dad if you see him. Of course, don’t forget to hug your dog as well.

Human beings crave other human contact. That’s not rocket science. Giving other people love and affection has a ripple effect. In a scientific study that I just made up for this blog, it says, Kids need to be hugged at least 10x a day by their parents. Any hugs beyond 10 just keep adding to your future chances that your kids won’t be serial killers.

More water. MORE water. MORE water.

Drink 8 glasses of water today. Being hydrated actually makes you feel clearer. If you don’t think drinking water throughout the day is important, you need to go back to a high school anatomy class. Or at the very least, google that.  Ask google, “Why is drinking many glasses of water a day important for me?”

I’ll spare you the suspense. It’s linked to everything. Clearer skin. Better mood. Less headache and fatigue. Excellent helped in the bowel department. The list goes on and on…

Knowledge is power homie.

Say HELLO to every person you come in contact with all day.
DISCLAIMER: I am born and raised in New England. If you are reading from another place on this beautiful Earth you may think this is strange. You think to yourself, why would you not say hello to people you walk by? But New England is a hustle bustle place. Sometimes I walk down the Cape Cod Canal. I will walk by people who won’t even make eye contact with me. Even though, we are passing right by each other, I could reach out and touch you. That’s how close we are. We are alone at
8 am on a foggy Thursday morning. I don’t think I appear threatening? I’m drinking a rocket fuel injected coffee and singing with my children. Unless you believe my children may be secret midget ninjas? Is that why you are afraid? Is the why you can’t reciprocate my nod?
It really kills me. I’m not going to stop you and ruin your morning. All you have to do is nod politely. Or say, “Good morning.” It seems more awkward to me, to NOT say hello and acknowledge each other. I went down to Charleston, SC for a year and lived with my sister. To this day me and my sister still laugh, because when we first got down there, I thought every one was hitting on me. Hahahah. They are just nicer. Better friendly social skills.
I was like “Court I think I’m prettier in South Carolina?” Hahaha.
Now, don’t be offended men of New England. Even though a lot of you are kinda dicks, I love you dearly. I mean look, I married the filthiest New England fisherman native that I could find. So I’m not throwing stones. I’m just stating observations that I have made while be bopping up and down the East Coast.

SLEEP.  Get 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a good look on 0 out of 100 people. Makes people moody. Myself included. No one should speak to me for the first hour I’m awake for your own good. I’m not necessarily mean. I’m just not firing on all cylinders yet.

Seriously, get off the internet and go get some sleep.

Britt is a Beach bum, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Wanna be Photographer, Special needs advocate, Library enthusiast, Yogi, Mom blogger.

Britt lives in a barn on Cape Cod with her husband, two toddlers, and stinky black lab. You can read more of her adventures at You’re Somebody’s MOTHER.

Or if you have a short attention span, follow her on Instagram @somebodys_mother


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