Product Review: LapBaby

Being a first time mum, one thing I have found is that every child is different and babies albeit small, are quite alert and into everything.

Rambini for example likes to look around. She is often only content when she can see exactly what is going on and feels (I assume) “part of it”. This can sometimes make working from home on the laptop or even eating dinner with Choco a task that revolves around Rambini sleeping or Choco and I playing tag team to hold her.

With this in mind I decided to trial an appropriately named product called LapBaby. (Which I am using as I write this review!)

LapBaby allows you to sit in comfort with your baby, remaining with both hands free, while you carryout everyday seated activities such as eating and working on your laptop.

The product is suited to anyone who wishes to keep their baby in close comfortable contact, whilst carrying out activities in a seated position. It can be used sitting at a table during meal times, while working at the computer or during playtime to name a few.

The LapBaby allows you to free up both hands to then feed yourself or your baby or carry out many seated based activities.

The main benefits:

  • Frees up both hands to carryout activities with ease
  • Easy to put on and strap baby in
  • A strap to attach dummies, toys and teethers
  • Lightweight and compact with storage case making it neat, tidy and easily transported (great for trips to the grandparents house)
  • A wipe clean detachable lap cloth ideal for messy activities and meal times

The practical nitty gritty

LapBaby can be purchased direct form their website.

The retail price is a reasonable £25. It can be easily and quickly put on and taken off without the long complex assembly often associated with baby carriers. It is however, only to be used while seated and clearly states it is not a carrier.

LapBaby is designed to be used only once babies can support their own heads unaided which will vary from baby to baby. For us, this was 3 months old.

There is nothing else like it on the market within this price range. The closest alternative is a baby carrier which can be fiddly to put on and is not comfortable in a seated position. Carrier are also quite large and bulky and baby seems to be aware they are strapped in. The LapBaby on the other hand is light and compact and Rambini often is unaware she is strapped in.

Rambo’s verdict:

“Absolute life saver for me. The LapBaby has made eating my own lunch a lot easier “



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