Open Letter To My Sons About Marriage

To my favorite homies,

Is homies not cool any more? Damn.

To my BELOVED sons,


OK, whatever. Obviously I am embarrassing at this point in your life regardless. But I have info for you. Real live info that I think will still be beneficial in the future.

Just in case I get super jaded by age and can not give you the same quality advice that I can supply right now.

This week marks 3 years of marriage for me and the old sea captain. It makes me laugh and cry a little bit thinking about you ever getting married. Considering tonight you stood up in the bath tub and yelled, “Mom, I do a fart!” Then ripped the wettest loudest fart your tiny body had ever produced. We all just laughed and laughed. You just learned this week what a fart was. Congratulations. But one day you will grow up and leave me. You will venture off into the world on your own adventure. I will be nothing but your ex-Sensei.

If you are considering wifeing some girl up (Or if you bat for the other team. If you are considering partnering up fo life.) PLEASE READ ALL THESE STATEMENT FIRST..

“Welp, I guess it’s time..”
“Well, she gave me an ultimatum.”
“I guess that’s just the natural progression of our relationship…”
“I just want her to shut up about it.”
“Well we’ve been together this long…”

If any of those quotes have ever come out of your mouth. Don’t get married. Puke and barf. Marriage doesn’t fix problems. It is hard work. I have actually heard all those quotes above come out of human being’s mouths. Oh LOVE.


Love is real and it does exist. But it only succeeds if both parties are shit their pants happy at the wedding. If you are pissed off on your wedding day. Or DREADING it. You need to re access your choices. Because it only gets harder. If you aren’t excited then… what do you think in five years you’re going to rally? Nope. You need to head in positive. You two will be tested in ways that you or I could never predict.  So you better be a team, that’s for sure.

The only way to survive is if the relationship is NOT 50%/50%. It has to be 100 %/100% by both parties involved. Don’t find someone who completes you. YOU COMPLETE YOU. Find some one who compliments you. Someone who brings out the best in you. Who encourages you to be your best self. To have a happy life, you have to surround yourself with people who build you up.

So here are some famous words that I think ring true to what Dad and I look for in our marriage. Just some food for thought while your making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Yes, some days I want to kick him in the shin. But I don’t belong anywhere else. Home will always be with him.

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No matter what the future holds for our family,
I can only hope that you will get the chance to love somebody like I love your Dad.

Be a good listener.



Britt is a Beach bum, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Wanna be Photographer, Special needs advocate, Library enthusiast, Yogi, Mom blogger.

Britt lives in a barn on Cape Cod with her husband, two toddlers, and stinky black lab. You can read more of her adventures at You’re Somebody’s MOTHER.

Or if you have a short attention span, follow her on Instagram @somebodys_mother


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