The Reality Of Being First Time Dad

Waking Up

It’s 5.20am and I open my eyes to turn the annoying sound of my alarm clock off. Unfortunately I wasn’t awoken from a blissful sleep, I was already half awake and exhausted. I got in last night from work and took over looking after our baby from Rambo my partner, so she could get some well needed rest and sleep. Our baby, Rambini, is a couple months old now and the lack of routine is not easy to live with.

Trying To Sleep

I may have had better sleep, but I messed up the dream feed and struggled to settle the baby back to sleep. When I finally did get my head on the pillow and tagged Rambo in to look after Rambini, all I could smell was vomit and poo. I have some reminisce of where and when the excrement may be, but I was really too tired to care. Even then I’d say I hardly slept as I woke up every time I heard the baby cry.

Looking Forward To The Day Ahead

I’m not looking forward to the onslaught of meetings and deadlines ahead for me at work,  but at least I’ll be able to go to the bathroom in peace and I’ll get to enjoy a warm cup of tea which are two luxuries I know Rambo won’t be afforded whilst she is at home looking after the baby.  Even the commute which I hate seems like a bit of me time as I can sit (seat availability permitting) with my headphones in and my music blaring.

Getting Out Of The House

If I’m lucky I may be able to traverse the time between getting out of bed and the moment I head out the door  in the morning to head to the station with what I call ‘ a low impact baby morning’.

‘ A Low Impact Baby Morning’ means not having to do too many of the following before work:

  • prepare or strealise bottles
  • fill or empty the washing machine
  • change the babies nappy
  • feed the baby
  • run around looking for a muslin cloth
  • change and iron a shirt due to reflux
  • hide in the bathroom when it’s my turn to do something


Work is so much fun! I managed to fall asleep in the morning meeting. Although my boss has sympathy for the new born situation, she still seems pretty unhappy at my shambolic appearance and lack of productivity. Anyway, who cares, it’ll be lunchtime soon and I can book a meeting room and sleep for an hour. I say that, but no doubt I’ll spend my lunch calling Rambo to see how she is doing and request endless pictures to brighten up my day.

Heading Home

I fell asleep on the train again. I feel bad for the poor man who I leant all over and dribbled on a little. Nice of him not to complain. My thoughts all the way back are around having the baby thrust upon me as I enter the door. It’s not quite as bad as the cliche, but Rambo will probably need some time to brush her teeth and have a shower. I just hope the colic has settled so Rambini will sit still for a while in my arms so I can eat my dinner in peace.

Either way, it will be a case of eat, vomit, sleep,  poo…. repeat. I imagine the baby will be the same as well 🙂

It’s Worth It

No matter how bad I make it sound or how bad the reality is, it’s not for forever and just seeing your baby will make it all worth it. One cuddle and you’ll put aside all your gripes and complaints. Being a First Time Dad is pretty awesome, I wouldn’t take back a single day.


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9 thoughts on “The Reality Of Being First Time Dad

  1. I know it is such a hard and trying time. I remember it like it was yesterday! But it does get better and you will sleep again soon. We started getting sleep when my little guy was around 4mos! Keep your head up, you’re doing a great job dad!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being a first time is awesome. Being a second time dad is just as much fun. I remember all too well the sleep deprivation and assuming fatherly duties upon walking in the door from work. The commute to and from work and sometimes work itself feels like a break. And as Rambini grows, each stage is more fun than the previous one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They say getting into a routine helps……the baby does what it wants, its the parents which need a routine to fit all the necessities in. Once you have cracked that it becomes a lot easier 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Being a first time father its really challenging and tricky. For me that’s was the trying moment of my life since i had to sleep late a well as being awake in the middle of the night to soothe our little daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

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