First Time Dad: 10 Month Update

It’s been months since I wrote my last post for First Time Dad. Why? Well, when I started blogging I had delusions that I’d have loads of spare time on my hands to write interesting and exciting articles. Little did I know that I’d be constantly exhausted. Parenting is hard work, well, it is when your daughter is constantly on the go. She never stops and we have had no help from anyone when it comes to the baby.

So much has happened in the last 10 months and I have tried to capture a lot of it with my BabyCentre blogging obligations.

I’ll be back with a bang in 2017 with more posts hopefully but for now, here’s a highlight of what has happened in the last few months:

  • Sleepless nights (ongoing)
  • First tooth
  • First holiday abroad
  • TV advert auditions
  • Crawling (trying to walk)
  • Clingy with her mother
  • First Xmas


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