The First Hour After Birth

Just after birth I remember thinking how amazing my wife was. I’ve always loved her, but the love I had for her in those few minutes after our daughter was born is hard to explain. I was so proud of her for doing so well and staying so strong throughout the pregnancy and for making such a perfect baby. If you read this Rambo, you’re an amazing person and I want you to know that I was proud of you then and am still proud of you now…you’re an amazing mother and wife.. … More The First Hour After Birth

Have You Heard About The 4th Trimester?

Whoever decided to chop a pregnancy into thirds was slightly short sighted in my opinion. Granted I understand the obvious logic around the three trimesters, but by association I guess it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming a lot of the problems, difficulties and issues related to being pregnant will magically disappear as soon as the baby arrived. … More Have You Heard About The 4th Trimester?