First Time Dad: 10 Month Update

It’s been months since I wrote my last post for First Time Dad. Why? Well, when I started blogging I had delusions that I’d have loads of spare time on my hands to write interesting and exciting articles. Little did I know that I’d be constantly exhausted. Parenting is hard work, well, it is when your daughter is constantly on the go. She never stops and we have had no help from anyone when it comes to the baby. … More First Time Dad: 10 Month Update

4 Ways You See Fashion Differently As A Dad

There are a lot of things that seem different once you become a dad, and fashion is no different. If you’re about to become a father and you’re one of those guys who likes to have their hair a certain way, spends a few hundred pounds on clothes shopping without thinking, and takes their style seriously, then all that is probably about to change. … More 4 Ways You See Fashion Differently As A Dad

The First Hour After Birth

Just after birth I remember thinking how amazing my wife was. I’ve always loved her, but the love I had for her in those few minutes after our daughter was born is hard to explain. I was so proud of her for doing so well and staying so strong throughout the pregnancy and for making such a perfect baby. If you read this Rambo, you’re an amazing person and I want you to know that I was proud of you then and am still proud of you now…you’re an amazing mother and wife.. … More The First Hour After Birth