30 Things Only People Without Kids Say

My best friend is not one of the most subtle or caring of characters to grace this earth. However I was a pleasantly surprised when he took the time to ask me about how I was finding fatherhood.

I reluctantly found myself opening up about how the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll on me and I was genuinely taken aback when my friend placed his hand on my shoulder and looked me reassuringly in the eye, and said:

“I completely understand what you’re going through, I had to get out of bed last night to let the puppy out to poop, I’m knackered!”.… More 30 Things Only People Without Kids Say

Would You Take Your Baby To A Festival?

One of my lasting memories from my last trip to Glastonbury was seeing a child being pushed through a crowd of ‘inebriated’ festival revellers in a wheelbarrow by his parents. He was pressing his ear defenders so tight to his little head and the little boy had his eyes tightly closed.

Unfortunately most people were unaware of his presence until it was too late and they either bumped into him or dropped their drinks all over him. I remember thinking, why the hell would you take a child to a festival, can those parents be any more selfish?!”… More Would You Take Your Baby To A Festival?

Dear Me Right Now

Before you ask Choco, I don’t think I’m Bridget Jones, I just want to give you an update on how it’s all going. My daughter is now 4 months old and life has completely changed. Before we get in to the ins and outs of the last few months and where we are today, it’s wise to take stock and remember what I hoped to have achieved by the ripe old age of 33. Remember the bucket list I made way back when…well I found it:… More Dear Me Right Now

A Dad’s Post-Baby Body

The internet is full of articles about mothers and their post-baby weight, and it’s unsurprising really as women do all the hard work during pregnancy and labour. In fact women do all the easy and medium work as well!

So, is it a bit selfish of me to expect the internet to be littered with information on what happens to a dad’s body after birth and how their weight may change or even how to do anything about it?

Regardless of all of that, maybe it’s time to make a stand (burning calories as we do it) and get the subject out there…… More A Dad’s Post-Baby Body

Best Birthday Gifts for Dads

Buying a gift for your dad’s birthday can be difficult. Sure, your old man would be satisfied with something as simple as a pat on the back or a ‘best dad’ mug, but you should not be. After all, that is the man that probably thought you how to ride a bike and tie your shoelaces, and you should give him some credit. Sure, we know that not all the dads are the same, but here we will try to give you some idea for every kind of dad – from the dapper dad and the outdoors man to the tech savvy one.… More Best Birthday Gifts for Dads